What Turns Me On

So what’s important about a woman’s turn on?

To connect physically with a woman, guys really need that emotional and mental connection. That’s how important they are for women when it comes to getting turned on in the bedroom.

Turn-ons aren’t necessarily about traditional romantic gestures of giving cards or flowers or chocolates. Simple day to day rituals turn me on.

~ a call just to say  “I miss you”, a text message to say goodnight (if busy)
~ a caring stare when having dinner or coffee together
~ a back massage after a long day of work
~ tends to smell my hair, nape of my neck when getting so close
~ holds my hand while walking, holds the back of my waist after opening a door for me, standing behind me putting both hands on my waist making it too close almost brushing himself over…and you’ll get me to kiss you

~ passionate kiss while touching my face
~ a stare of saying I sincerely like you…definitely you’ll get me on bed

~ a man that goes down and knows his way down…surprisingly you’ll get me to take over

~ spoon me after hook up…from that moment on you’ll get what is enough of me

~ A man who knows what he feels, shows what he feels and tells what he feels…will keep the turn on going and going


What's your word on this?

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