Summer Romance

Even the most independent people want someone to love. In the end, I believe it’s what we all want. What about just love for the summer-time though?

I don’t think I could willingly be with someone I desired knowing I would have to let them go. I am a tragic person who smiles at all the feelings heart-break brings, but when I love someone I can’t imagine it ever ending that fast. But romance happened anyway, I just got carried away.

Summer Romance is an event in our lives that happens in just a short span of time like ‘a love that lasts for a season’. Who would really like that? You may always have a chance of  a summer romance, just to have a summer love and enjoy the magic that the hot season brings. You can pretend to be  the nicest, romantic, caring person. Whoever girl you meet during that stage will be drawn to your unresistable charisma and unknowingly fall in love head over heals because of your ever passionate love. The season is about to end, sooner be back to the same you and to the reality of your life. But something really wonderful happened. Hitting it off so good and felt that you have something to look forward to. So what you are going to do about it?

Like any other hopeless romantic ladies I prefer a love that lasts forever! I’ve had my fair share of summer loves. I never planned for them to be just for the summer, but in the back of my mind I guess I knew they would all come to an end when the seasons started to change. You can daydream all you want how your summer love would be and develop into the fulfilling love of your life, but seldom likely to happen like you want it to.

I had that story one summer, “The Summer Romance” that put me high above the clouds and also the summer that brought my knees down and cried in pain of missing and hurting cause you thought everything was so passionately real, (surreal) maybe it is. For whatever reason, I can’t tell. I fell in love. That is all I can remember. There are just certain things in life that are better off unknown. Things you wish you never asked, never saw, never heard or never even felt. But it happened anyway and I admitted my feelings for the second damned time in my life. No more what if’s!

You just have to learn that sometimes, it isn’t love. It’s just a feeling. A sudden feeling, and you just overreacted. I hope that’s the case but why I’m still I am this girl,  the one who purposely puts up a status with a quote explaining exactly how she feels about that guy. I should be getting over the feeling by now, yet it feels something has been taken away and for now trying to let things go cause I don’t own anything at all.


What's your word on this?

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