The Usual May 12 Day


May 12

I don’t know why I dislike the idea of celebrating a birthday.

Just another year of my life. Thankful for all the blessings and experiences that help me become a better person that I can be. Absolutely, there are things that still on the work out.

I didn’t plan to celebrate cause all year long it’s just another usual day for me. All I ever expected is just a nice greeting from people close to me…That’s enough to make me smile!

Feels so overwhelmed to get greetings from people not so close, I just casually meet online or on my day to day life encounters. I am glad they remember and care to say Happy Birthday!

It’s just a bit depressing and feel sorry when I haven’t heard from some people I am expecting to remember my birthday. There’s a pinch of pain in my heart thinking that my day has been forgotten but to my realization, there’s a reason.

Whatever reason it may be, nothing to worry about. I just have to move on now and choose to be grateful and happy.

Looking forward for more years to come 🙂


What's your word on this?

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