Somewhere In Between Our Differences…

Love never fails to find ways somewhere in between our differences…

Define my character, define your character…

Your age and my age, a bit of a gap…

Your culture and my culture I grew up with…

Totally there’s a whole lot of DIFFERENCES IN US and despite of all the differences we are fundamentally the same. You want to feel understood and loved and that goes the same with me. When our arguments reach a rocky patch, the culprit is not always the flaws in our differences. Yes, we have a lot of things to say and the best part is we listen to each other. There’s always a recognition that the flaws is a reflection of ourselves which is somehow present in us.

I tend to get angry and irritated. Our opposite personalities at the end of the spectrum, I saw things that would have given anything to change. If I focus too much, it grows and becomes more irritating…not helping at all. Instead I accepted and loved the flaws in you and me, and it dissipates and allowed me to be more understanding. It is because I love you for who you really are.

Strange how things work. Opposite attracts!

While I never sat down to write a concrete list of qualities I expected in a partner, from the time I was young I carried with me the idea that when two people entered into a relationship, they were meant to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Destiny, I thought, should be easy.

What I learned is that fitting together doesn’t mean finding myself in someone else. It means learning to reexamine who I thought I were and bending to grow together. It means seeing the world through a different lens, and accepting that I may not have all the answers.

It’s not easy. But the most worthwhile things rarely are.

It is more of the intense emotions in me that keeps my love for you…intact. No matter what, love never fails to find a way to keep us simply together. I will find my way in you because I believe there’s us in the future. Even if it’s just a dream, still a vision I can  see even how far things are going to be.


What's your word on this?

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