Sarcastic Bitch

Criticize me and I will be your sarcastic bitch.

Support me and I will be your loyal slave for life.

My social  nature is interacting with people in positive, friendly ways and most of the time with friends sarcasm is a funny way for us enjoying our talks but and it also means we know how to manipulate others in a very negative way.

I think I deserve for this moment to be  in a sarcastic mode bitch. That means negatively nasty with my interactions due to non constrcutive criticsm that is quite not fair for me. I don’t deserve it. And, I guess my ego was hurt and I tend to react initially so defensive yet I have to stop and pause for a while if it is really deemed necessary for me to be so nasty sarcastic. Which most of the time, YES. and for this very moment alone I have the right to be sarcastic.


What's your word on this?

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