Wisdom & Will Power

It happens in our lives that we have ups and downs and what matters most is our ability to cope anything that comes along our way. The power of resiliency overflows within. At times, it is ok for us to look back just leave the negativity and move on with positive perspective.

Wisdom power is an enormous power to quiet our mind but in Letting Go, Will power is needed. I wish I could learn more about deeper meditation, using non-self to let go.  Apparently my ego, feelings, thoughts, illusions are the ones causing imbalance and I am trying to get a grip of my Will power to keep me going.

Buddhist Philosophy amazes me much. THERE IS BALANCE FOR EVERYTHING! We just have to fully awaken ourselves for rational perspective  that will keep us somehow balance. I am now craving for a lot more Buddhist teachings.


What's your word on this?

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